How Model Your Overalls this Fall

I’ve been on a nonstop shopping spree for various types of overalls. Last time I was in Marquette, I also packed overalls, but of the summer variety in linen and shorts. But now fall is finally here and I found the best kind of overalls–sweatpants overalls. Follow below for a few tips to style your overalls for fall: Choosing Your Overall Fabric Choose fall/winter friendly fabrics–so that means pack away the breezy linen ones so popular this summer and rotate in the denim, corduroy or sweatpant-like overalls. Obviously, my favorite is these Z Supply overalls that come in green or black and I’m definitely ordering black now that I realize how amazing these are. I wore them for traveling up to Marquette on a 6.5 hour drive and I felt like I was in cozy sweats. The Shirt Selection Stripes and overalls are always a natural combination to me, but it’s time to wear long sleeves or add a light jacket on top of short-sleeved tops. Layer up! The right outerwear can elevate your overalls style and I felt like the little cocoon cardigan I added finished off the look and kept my ass warm. Brrr it was cold here and […]

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Three Equipment to Transition Your Fashion to Fall

Accessories make all the difference and they’ve been my main tool to transition looks to fall without the obvious chunky knits, ponchos and boots that seem too heavy right now. The Right Hat A felt or wool hat is probably my favorite way to change up a look and help the slow wardrobe transition from summer to fall. I wear these hats year round, but they seem especially fitting as we head into autumn. Urban Outfitters always has a decent selection of affordable wool hats that I shop like this panama hat in black or tan and I’m still loving these fisherman style hats, especially in copper. My favorite hats are from Lack of Color–I usually shop these at local shops like Retail Therapy or Marie La Mode–and even find them carried at shops in other cities where I find the style I’m looking for (and avoid shipping costs.) An Olive Jacket I’ve found a few olive jackets that I need in my life and this is one of them. It’s light enough now to toss over a white linen tank and easy enough to layer come colder weather. I’m a fan of this classic jacket silhouette and also love […]

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Journey/Wandering Fashion Diary

Before the heat and humidity rolled back into town, I was a happy camper enjoying the fall-like weather, wearing jeans, this slouchy striped top and even a fresh new hat. Have I mentioned I’m excited for fall? And that I’m OVER SUMMER?! On The Road Again I spend a lot of time in my car. I swear I drive to Grand Rapids, Ann Arbor or Detroit at least once a week, most likely more and I just want to style something comfortable and chic–and with fall vibes at the moment. James joined me on last weekend’s travels since I was staying in my motorhome on my parents’ property and I want him to get used to being in it with me. He enjoyed the downtown Grand Rapids walks for coffee and shopping. He’s not used to walking around in busier areas so he was a little overwhelmed with the chaos and commotion, and he made plenty of dog and human friends on the sidewalks. I met up with my friend Jen at Madcap Coffee and we sat outside for some time catching up before she helped me snap a few pics for the blog! Bless her and her photography skills! […]

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