Walkout In Assist Of Christine Blasey Ford Deliberate As She Agrees To Testify

As negotiations continue for Dr. Christine Blasey Ford’s testimony against Judge Brett Kavanaugh before the Senate Judiciary Committee, her supporters are organizing a walkout as a show of solidarity. Blasey Ford was initially ordered to testify before…

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All The New Amazon Alexa-Enabled Units Coming For Your Residence

Alexa really wants to be in your home. And chances are, the smart assistant will succeed in making it there.

Yesterday, Amazon held a surprise event to unveil its massive lineup of new Alexa-enabled devices. Where Apple and Google tend to operate by the “less is more” principal, emphasizing perfection over quantity, Amazon usually does the opposite — rolling out a ton of new products at low prices simultaneously and seeing what sticks.

This year is no different. Now, there’s an Alexa device for your wall, your kitchen counter, your entertainment center, and your car. There’s an Alexa device for things you didn’t even think you would need an Alexa for. It’s on brand: As Amazon proudly proclaims on its homepage today, “Alexa for everyone.”

Although the newest devices still aren’t the sleekest ones around, they do comes with prices and overall utility (almost everything works with Alexa nowadays) that’s hard to beat. Ahead, a full breakdown of the new Alexa products.

There’s no dancing around it: The new, fabric-covered Echo Dot (still $49.99) looks very similar to the Google Home Mini. That’s not a bad thing — it is a more stylish hockey puck, now — but it’s worth noting that the Google Assistant vs. Alexa competition continues to heat up in the battle for smart assistant dominance. (Google will hold its own new device event on October 9, where you can expect some updates to the Home lineup.)

Amazon All-new Echo Dot (3rd Gen) , $49.99, available at Amazon

The Echo Plus has gotten an aesthetic makeover on par with the one given to the original Echo in 2017: The new fabric covering makes it look nicer in your home — a bit less techy — than the previous hard-shell exterior. The smart home hub also comes with an improved speaker and a temperature sensor.

Amazon All-new Echo Plus (2nd Gen) , $149.99, available at Amazon

Amazon is making a play at becoming your go-to home stereo system. The Echo Sub ($129), which is pretty affordable as subwoofers go, is all about that bass. Pair it with one or two Echo or Echo Plus devices to control music and create stereo sound.

While the Sub looks similar to Apple’s HomePod, it’s less than half the cost of that pricey $349 speaker.

Amazon Echo Sub – Powerful subwoofer for your Echo [Echo Sub], $129.99, available at Amazon

If you don’t feel like buying a new speaker or don’t like the cylindrical Echo, but wished your existing speaker was a smart speaker, the $34.99 Echo Input is your best solution. The circular disc connects with your speaker via Bluetooth so that you can use Alexa the same way you would on an Echo, voice commands and all.

Amazon Echo Input – Bring Alexa to your own speaker, $34.99, available at Amazon

The Echo Show’s update makes it a direct competitor to the Google Assistant-enabled Lenovo Smart Display, with a larger, 10-inch display. There’s also upgraded audio for when you want to watch music videos, as well as support for high-def video calls, and an option to livestream Hulu and NBC. This device is ideal for anyone who doesn’t have a TV near their kitchen or in their bedroom, and wants to watch something while cooking or dozing off.

Amazon All-new Echo Show (2nd Gen) , $229.99, available at Amazon

It’s hard to believe that a microwave (a microwave!) was one of the most hyped devices Amazon announced, but a few useful features make this smart kitchen must-have stand out.

For starters, the Alexa-enabled device has “quick cook voice presets”, meaning you can ask Alexa to start defrosting your chicken or heating up leftovers. There’s also built-in “Auto Popcorn Replenishment” that lets you easily reorder kernels when your movie night supply gets low. It’s also cheap: The small kitchen device is only $59.99.

Amazon Basics AmazonBasics Microwave, $59.99, available at Amazon

This little black box isn’t pretty, but it does serve a purpose: If you have a Fire TV edition TV, Fire TV-streaming device, or Echo Show, you an use Recast to DVR free, local programming. You’re limited to recording up to four shows at once and streaming on two devices at a time, and will need to buy an HD antenna separately (but you can get a well reviewed one for less than $30).

Amazon Fire TV Recast, $279.99, available at Amazon

Do you really need an Echo Wall Clock that displays the time remaining on your current timer and does a 60-second countdown? Probably not. But at $29.99, the clock is affordable enough to get one for your kitchen and those of everyone you know who just bought Chrissy Teigen ‘s new cookbook. One additional selling point: Unlike your oven, the Echo Wall Clock automatically updates during daylight saving time.

This gadget isn’t for sale yet, but you can sign up here to be notified about its release.

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