Fall Color Pop

Slowly bringing colour mixing back into my wardrobe! Thanks to a really fun partnership I have with TOPSHOP Canada on Instagram, I’ve been taking a few more fashion risks lately.  Five years ago, things like colour and print mixing used to be an everyday occurrence for me, but then trends shifted to minimal neutrals and basics.  Which, when you have a very limited clothing budget, is a movement that I easily jumped on board with.  Lately, it’s felt like there has to be some sort of common ground between the two extremes and I’ve been missing things like printed boots or the odd bold piece to match with my timeless classics. As part of the collab, the TOPSHOP team encouraged me to book a Personal Shopping Appointment at their Vancouver location.  I had no idea they offered this styling service, free of charge.  I will never be able to shop any other way!  I sent in photos (well, my IG account) so that the stylist could see a general sense of my style and body shape.  I also passed along my sizing and specifically what I was hoping to purchase.  When I arrived, my stylist, Juliana, had a private fitting room […]

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