32 Indicators that I’m 32 AF

Today is my 32nd Birthday. A few months ago, I started a list on my phone of all the ridiculously ‘adult’ things that I never EVER thought I’d say or do/funny little signs that remind me of my age.  The list might seem like life has taken a boring turn, but it’s still so enjoyable, I am loving my thirties so far. We do see our friends, have date nights, go to concerts, travel, and attend the occasional party, it’s just that these things happen less than they used to.  Which also means that I treasure those times even more.  Things seem a lot clearer and certainly aren’t vanilla right now, either. I’m currently celebrating my 32nd birthday, in Cologne, Germany! Anyway, I thought that instead of a sappy reflective post about the past year and what’s ahead (I’ll leave that for the new year), I’d share this silly list in hopes to make you smile or nod in agreement!  Hope you enjoy xo 32 Signs That I’m 32 AF: Late nights are anything past 11 pm.  Which is hilarious, considering we used to just leaving for the clubs at 11 pm a decade ago. I’m painfully aware of the […]

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Nec Pluribus Impar.

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Grandeur Decor – Venture – Nice Victorian Desert

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G’day everyone! As I’ve studied and been more educated about Interior Design, I’ve come to understand and learn about what the main focus and strategy is,
behind Interior Design, or Ar…

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